CHCP 2013- Want honeybees for 2013? Come and get them!

The Community Hive 4th Annual Collaborative Purchase of Honeybees and Equipment 2013 is just getting underway, and it is going to be better than ever! We are bringing in 125 colonies of honeybees this year! Here is some history on our program!

– 2010: We brought in 35 colonies and distributed them to 6 urban hobbyists and 1 commercial beekeeper

– 2011: We formally began the Community Hive, brought in 56 colonies with 44 participants, offered 11 products to purchase through the program too!

– 2012: This past year we brought in 75 colonies and offered 23 different products to 52 beekeepers! We also started out goal of having many products made locally or purchased from diversifying beekeepers locally!

– 2013: Is looking promising, with 125 colonies, 100 4-frame nucleus colonies, and 25 9-frame brood boxes, as well as a diversity of products from electric fencing, unique hand-made products, and more.

We are very eager to see beekeepers not only gain financially from the group purchase of bees and equipment, but our main purpose is to BUILD THE HIVE MENTALITY of beekeepers here in Calgary, by bridging the gaps between neighbors and beekeepers so as to have a supportive community around this locally growing practice.


Register online after November 19th at


If you are interested in participating, and can’t make it to the meeting, here are the steps on how the project works.

  • Go to and register as a member by paying the annual $30 fee for participation.
  • Once you are a member, sign in with your username and password
  • Between November 19th and February 1st 2013 you can apply for honeybees for the 2013 season. You must take the online examination*
  • You will hear about your application and if you are going to receive honeybees through the CHCP between February 5-7th 2013. The applications are blindly judged by a panel of CHCP volunteers to ensure that the bees go to the best** households. YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR BEES BEFORE FEBRUARY 12TH, or they will be redistributed to members.
  • The CH Equipment purchase will begin online from February 1- March 1st 2013.
  • CH Equipment distribution day is April 20th, 2013 held at The AREA
  • CH Equipment Assembly day and potluck will be on April 27th, 2013
  • Honeybees will be here on May 26th, 2013. You are invited to pick up your bees and participate in a demonstration on honeybee hiving in to both TBH’s and Langstroth hives!***

*If you have no experience beekeeping, and you are unsure if you can pass the online examination, please be sure to register for a Level One Beekeeping Course through A.B.C to enhance your chances of receiving bees in 2013.

** The parameters of judging will be shared at the Nov 19th meeting and made available on the website after that date.

*** The 9 frame brood boxes maybe a week late, weather dependent! You will be notified at least a week in advance if this is the case.

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