Wax Rendering with A.B.C-2012

A.B.C ran its first wax rending course in November and it was a blast! With 15 people we learned how to render wax from cappings wax and burr comb taken from my past few seasons and wax given to me from Bill Stagg. We went through the first and third stages of rendering using double boilers on the stove top of the front space of the AREA, and urban farm space in Inglewood Calgary. In the workshop we also learned the basics of candle making and made tea light candles! Here is a photo montage of the process.


  1. This is the wax that we usedPHONE 067
  2. Place the wax in the double boiler with water and melt all of the wax. This removes remaining honey in the wax as well as starts the process of removing impuritiesPHONE 068
  3.  After the wax has melted, you want to pour the solution through 2 filters. The first removes the larger casings. Here is the image of the wax casings after removalPHONE 083
  4.  The second filter removes the first round of impurities from the wax.PHONE 085
  5.  Place the solution outside to cool. Wax rises to the top and the water contains the remaining dirt and grime.PHONE 075
  6.  Remove the wax from the top and cut off the grime on the bottom of the waxPHONE 089
  7.  Place this first round of cleaned wax and redo the process PHONE 077
  8.  The third round of wax rendering you place the wax in the double boiler without water, and melt it. Let the wax stay in the heat for an hour to evaporate the excess water offPHONE 091
  9.  Pour through another filter in to your moulds or containers for storagephone 014
  10.  Letting the wax sit for a prolonged period of time allows for the wax to press out remaining water

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