A.B.C Free Resources Online Now!

Here with A.B.C, we have been working hard to make beekeeping more accessible to urbanites all over Alberta. In doing so, we have accumulated many free resources that could be of use to you. Have a look at our new page with all of the great resources on it. Here is a taste of what is on there!

Free Online Publications

Doolittle, Scientific Queen-Rearing (1889)

Langstroth, On the Hive and the Honeybee (1919)

Dadant’s, System of Beekeeping (1920)

Braun, Comparison of Methods for Wintering Honeybees in the Prairie Provinces (1950, Canada)

Ordering Honeybees and Equipment

The Community Hive– A collaborative purchase of honeybees and equipment every spring here in Calgary. Discounts, local bees, and locally made products. Contact every January to participate.

Kootenay Beekeeping Supplies– Based out of Castlegar, this beekeeping store has a little bit of everything that a hobbiest could need.

Tony Lalonde– Seller of honeybees and Canadian made beekeeping equipment, the Lalonde family has a long history of offering high quality products at an excellent price.

BeeMaid Bee Store– Selling equipment and package bees from down under for generations here in Alberta

Sweet Acre Apiaries– Sells nucs and queens to beekeepers in across Canada. A provincial hive inspector, and well respected bee breeder, Bill Staggs bees will leave you buzzing. Contact in January to get your order in as he sells out by March.

Les Miels D’Anicet– Russian queen breeder in Quebec.

 Great Websites

Calgary and District Beekeepers Association A wealth of resources on their website to beekeeping in Calgary

Michael Bush Prolific beekeeping writer and EXCELLENT resource for beginner beekeeping tools

Kirk Webster is America’s leader for treatment free, natural beekeeping and bee breeding.
Dennis Murrell’s blog. This site has some great plans for Top Bar and other alternative design hives.

HoneyLove– Urban beekeeping advocacy in Los Angeles

UC Davis Bug Squad Blog– Leaders in Research in bees, this blog offers excellent photographs and stories about their work with bees

Randy Oliver is a biologist with lots of interesting research projects and lots of great information for beginning beekeepers.

Sam Comfort is the East Coast Top Bar Guru and previous guest of A.B.C.

More on the site! See you there!

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