2012’s Bees: Coming out of winter

Here are some images of the 9 colonies that survived the 2012-2013 winter. I put 12 in to winter and managed to get some really strong and healthy colonies bubbling out of the boxes! I am very excited about the coming summer. I did my inspections on March 27th in my two winter yards: one near Springbank, the other near Crossfield.

I hope that you have had a successful winter too! I didnt treat for varroa mites, and my mite loads were pretty high in the hives that didnt make it. I have been practicing integrated pest management without the use of chemicals or acids, and it has been an excellent learning experience observing the bees, and trying out some new ideas, raising my own queens, and playing with TBHs and Langstroths!


2 responses to “2012’s Bees: Coming out of winter

    • black plastic bags over walling insulation, with carpet face down over the top-bars. It was just that easy, and cheap. Its worked well here in Alberta 2 years running, didnt loose a TBH this year!


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