2013 Community Hive Engagement- Swarm Catching and Advocacy


This is how the Swarm Catchers Group will work this year. Have a look, it should help you get an idea of how it will work.

Please fill out this form if you are going to participate AND join the http://chat.thecommunityhive.org Swarm Catchers Group to keep in the loop about coming swarms and potential Cut-out support.

We can start to expect swarm capture requests to start coming in the first week of June to the end of July.

All cut-outs are going to be forwarded to me, but if you are interested in taking on cut-out jobs (they are well paid by the homeowner) please let me know. I have potentially 5 cut-outs already called in with A.B.C and won’t have the time to do them all or the construction experience to get in to them as well as I would like.

If you are interested in helping out the Community Hive Community this year, please see where you might fit in! This is going to be the biggest year in beekeeping in an urban Canadian city to date- WITHOUT A DOUBT!


–          Moderators for the swarm@thecommunityhive.org email account to upload any swarm information coming in to the ChatRoom page ASAP. This will take 5 volunteers capable of managing the email info.


–          Volunteers interested in participating in Community Hive and A.B.C boothed events at upcoming festivals and public events, advocating for urban beekeeping. Time commitments? 2 hour training session with Stacey (A.B.C’s newest edition to our Staff) and interest in attending at least one event throughout the summer months. We are seeking 10 committed advocates for bees this summer! Contact Stacey @backyardbees.ca if you would like to participate in this program! We would love to share the urban beekeeping movement with the public this year!

–          Community Hive Chat room moderators: Those interested in helping A.B.C and The Community Hive in ensuring information sharing and responsible etiquette in chatroom use and communication. We are seeking 5 individuals eager to participate in the chatroom regularly, placing surveys, sharing neato publications and info found online, responding to questions, and engaging with other beekeepers online.

–          Potluck and Event Coordinators: We are looking for a group of individuals eager to bring the community together this year by putting on events or having innovative event creation: beekeeping field days in their backyards, pic-nic’s in the park, pollinator walks, gardening workshop collaboration. This is REALLY FUN to plan. A.B.C has a wide array of new events ready to launch for 2013 in the middle of May and will easily be able to draw in hundreds of new bee enthusiast in to the fold this year. We are looking for those interested in bringing in the closer community of beekeepers so that we can keep relationships close. I worry that with the surge in popularity in urban beekeeping expected this summer, that we will lose our inter-personal relationships with each other. This group would be putting on small events for people working within the Community Hive community and keep that mentorship energy alive and the sense of neighborly support!

Thank you all for showing your support and for taking part! There are so many bees here in Calgary, we are expecting 96 new colonies this year, its going to be a busy one! We need all of the help we can get with eachother!

Please contact eliese@ backyardbees.ca if you would like to help out with these things! Otherwise, get on the http://chat.thecommunityhive.org and start taking part!






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