A.B.C at Telus Spark! Science Centre

Spark1  Over the weekend of April 20th & 21st Apiaries and Bees for Communities was invited to participate in the Telus Spark! Science Centre’s Special Event Weekend. The interactive, ‘Dig In’ weekend focused on a wide range of urban gardening topics from, vermicomposting to vegetable planting and, of course, urban pollinators!

A.B.C. had a blast teaching over 3000 kids and adults about the different species of bumblebees and solitary bees and had demonstration hives on hand to show where these little creatures live. The hands-on event allowed participants to examine real magnified bees, try on bee suits and see flowers through a bee’s eye. There were a lot of great questions about honeybees too, such as; How do I start a hive? Where do queen bees come from? and Can you tickle the bees? …the answer to that last one, by the way, is YES!

This event was a grSpark3eat way for A.B.C. to reach out to Calgarians to dispel myths and fears about honeybees and to teach them more about how to support urban pollinators.

A.B.C. has more events like this lined up for the summer season and is looking for volunteers to help out. If you are interested in expanding or sharing your knowledge of honeybees and pollinators in a fun, social environment contact Stacey at Stacey@backyardbees.ca for more information on how to get involved.

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