Home2Hive Bicycle Tours- Hive inspections with A.B.C

A.B.C is proud to launch our first year of offering the Home2Hive Bicycle Tours of A.B.C’s honeybee colonies. This year, we have set up all of our beehives on bicycle routes! With the excellent feedback from the Calgary public, we had over 150 yards made available to us to keep bees in. We chose from these yards the ones that would most easily be kept by bicycle: our goal for 2013 to decrease emissions in our urban beekeeping experience and increase access accessibility to YOU!

If you are interested in joining us, you can register to participate here. We are only making these tours available to 10 people at a time and all tours will either begin near Shouldice Park or in Inglewood.

Home2Hive Tours

You must bring your snacks and a bicycle, and everything else (protective equipment and refreshments) will be offered. The price to participate in a General Tour is only $50! Register here.

Foodie Home2Hive Experiences: Bees, Cocktails and Canapés

Meet us on your bike (muster points revealed to those who register) and come with us to experience Bees, Cocktails and Canapés. we will be doing hive inspections, stopping off at local restaurants that support urban beekeeping, and try local meads (honey wine) and hive based cocktails. You must be over the age of 18 to participate and the tours are limited to 10 people each tour! To register, please click here.


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