Plan-Bee Swarm Catchers Training Day- Want bees? Come and get them!

So, you wanted bees this season, but were late on the ball on getting those bees ordered. Now you are thinking “how the heck can I get me some bees?”. Well, we have the answer for you!


If you are interested in joining the Plan-Bee Swarm Catchers Group, do the following:

How-toIf you would like to join us in our training session, then you can register for the Training Day, set for June 7th, here.

We will be doing the following:

– Building swarm traps. If you would like to take one home, they are $20 each.

– Learning how to CATCH A SWARM

– FAQ’s when arriving to a yard, how to interact with the public, and how to participate in the program

– Receive fliers to have on hand when you do a removal, as well as honey sticks to sweeten the experience of the home-owners you are interacting with.

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