Bees4Communities in August Programming

So, we have been running bees for the Calgary Food Tours, Fairmont Palliser Hotel, Forage Foods, Ox and Angela and UNA Pizza and Wine for the whole summer, and things are looking awesome! And, this month, we have heaps going on with their bees, celebrating food, pollination, and really good TASTE! Check out the following events that we are going to be at with these great businesses!

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August 2013

8thTelus Spark Adult Night Workshop

11thAugust Field Day- Honey Harvesting hands on beekeeping potluck

12thHome2Hive Tour

16thTiny Plots Workshop: Bees n’ Beers

24thVarroa Mite and IPM Workshop

26thHome2Hive Tour

September 2013

15thFeast of Fields brought to you by Slow Food Calgary

21st, 22nd Level 1 Beekeeping

22ndFood for Thought brought to you by REAP Calgary

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