New Winter Wraps for Sale


Here at A.B.C we are always looking for ways to make public access to beekeeping more supportive, innovative, and accessable. A common challenge and stumbling block that I  have noticed for our community of beekeepers here in Alberta is the issue of Winterizing Your Beehive. There is so much to concern yourself with, and so many options of how to wrap your hive, that what do you do? A.B.C connected with Debbie Hutchings in Ontario. Debbie is a beekeeper coming from generations of beekeepers, and of course, a lover of all things beekeeping. She has designed the BeeDry system. Have a look:

1.&2. Place insulating foil under bottom board.

3. Slide hive wrap down over hive bodies.

4.&5. Place pillow face down, on inner cover that has bee escape hole in it. This hole allows moisture to pass through and become trapped in pillow.

BeeDry extends down, covering 3 sides of the bottom board and the entrance reducer. You will then have to cut the foil to expose hole in hive entrance reducer and then cut a hole for upper opening if you use one.

I have purchased 10 of them to give them a go last winter for my Langstroth equipment and I had great success with less than 20% losses.  If you would like to purchase a Beedry jacket from A.B.C, please click here! Product will be available for pick-up or shipping after September 17th.  Pricing is as follows:

Complete double brood BeeDry…………. $49.95 set*

Complete single brood BeeDry………….. $39.95 set*

*Each set includes BeeDry Pillow Top, BeeDry Bottom Board panel, and Brood Wrap

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