2013 Volunteer Thank You!

Event Volunteers

A big part of the Apiaries and Bees for Communities’ mandate centers on public outreach and education. We love to be able to get out Market2-6into the community, talk to people about the importance of urban pollinators and create excitement and dispel myths about urban beekeeping. Keeping up with all of the exciting and innovative events in Calgary is tricky and we truly could not create the same level of engagement without the help of our volunteers.

Our volunteer bee advocates generously share their time and love of bees with the public. They have a range of experience and interests and we are always learning new things about pollinators, gardening, food and ecology and sharing in the trials and triumphs of urban beekeeping. As a result, we’ve made wonderful personal and community connections that have enriched Calgary’s beekeeping community.

Thank you to all of our public outreach volunteers!

Elementary School Education Coordinator and Teacher

  • Sara Haney

Day of the Honeybee

  • Bruce Watson
  • Danielle Caruk
  • Don Humphreys
  • Jeananne Laing

Market Collective

  • Judi Parrott
  • Bruce Watson
  • Dale Melenberg
  • Jean-Francois Cianci
  • Marg Shulhan
  • Theresa Romansky

The Community Hive online platform where bee lovers and beekeeper’s can connect with others, tell stories, ask questions, share information and arrange meet-ups of those with shared interests. Our Community Hive Moderators help to keep things running smoothly and ensure that the community stays active. These behind the scenes volunteers are the heart of our online community engagement.

Thank you:

  • Jenni Bailey
  • Colleen Kindt
  • Dave Pobran
  • Mike Lawson

The Community Hive is also the hub for our Equipment and Bee Purchasing Programs. This year we organized the purchase of 026$17,000 of equipment and 125 colonies of honeybees. These events are always exciting, being the kick–off to the beekeeping season, but usually a little hectic and keeping things organized and efficient simply wouldn’t be possible without our incredibly organized volunteers.

Thank you:

  • Judi Parrot
  • Jayce Nagie
  • Tyrell Sinclair
  • Connie Seidle
  • Diane Stefanchuk
  • Danielle Caruk
  • Deanne Mudd
  • Bruce Watson
  • Kim McLean
  • Kathleen Long
  • Patrick Smith
  • Angela Hibbert
  • Shirley Hastings
  • Loretta Lichtenfeld
  • Rob Elliot
  • Cari Buziak

For the past two summers, Apiaries and Bees for Communities has been coordinating an entirely volunteer-run swarm catchers program in Calgary. This group responds to calls of honeybee swarms, catches the swarms and distributes the bees to good homes…some time returning them to their original hives. We had a crackerjack team this year; usually responding to calls within minutes, impressing homeowners with their ninja-esque swarm removal tactics and spreading a lot of great bee knowledge in their communities.

A big thank you to all of our 2013 Swarm Catchers and a special thanks to our Swarm Catcher coordinators:

  • Marg Shulhan086
  • Jason Melenberg
  • Alysha L, Jen Brooks
  • Jean-Francois Cianci
  • Don Humphrey
  • Mike Lawson
  • Dale Melenberg

It’s been wonderful getting to know you all better and we truly couldn’t have done it without you. We hope to see you all next year!

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