New Bee Buisness in Calgary!

Maple Greenview is a small honey business that supplies Calgarians with raw, unpasteurized wild honey. In a nutshell, Maple Greenview offers local businesses, honorable organizations and even home owners the unique opportunity to sponsor a beehive and receive a portion of the produced honey. The benefits with this sponsorship are many with people having the chance to:

. Engage in an important environmental movement . Support a locally owned and operated business . Support locally grown food . Invest in the future of the environment through the role bees play in pollination . Support depleting bee populations which is a worldwide problem . Create a brighter, more vibrant environment . Enjoy delicious and nutritious, unpasteurized, natural hone . Learn about hive management

Corporate sponsors are entitled to join their logo with Maple Greenview and together sell or utilize in their business, a product that symbolizes something great.

The sponsorship is not limited to just businesses, home owners, gardeners and bee enthusiasts have equal opportunities to enrich their lives with bees as well. Backyards in all quadrants of the city provide both a natural setting and great homes for bees too. Between the entertainment of endless hours of bee activity to witnessing pollination and honey production in action, each neighborhood is guaranteed thrive from the sponsorship of just one hive.

From starting out with 40 000 bees and growing it to 400 000, beekeepers Amber Yano and Jayce Nagie turned their hobby into a small business. They are working towards continuing to grow the business every year until they reach their goal of 500 hives, supplying thousands of pounds to all the local businesses that wish to support bees, honey and a dream for a brighter future.

Owner and beekeeper Amber Yano says,

“We strive to partner with Restaurants that shop from our local farmers, where food is made with love and created by people passionate about both food and the environment. We’re offering a local, healthy and environmentally friendly honey product to businesses interested in helping move Calgary towards a greater, more sustainable city.”

Visit for more information or visit them on Facebook

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