Level One Beekeeping Courses 2013-2014

Ready to beekeep for 2014? Now is the time to prepare, the fall before the coming bee season. This is the best time to prepare for the following reasons:

– You are able to have a fresh assessment of how you use your yard, giving the bees a great place to live.

– You have time to connect with other beekeepers and participate in the 2014 Collaborative Purchase of Honeybees

– You can volunteer with A.B.C and the Community Hive to build a relationship with other beekeepers in Calgary.

– It wont be too late to get bees: bees can be a hard commodity to come by if you wait until 2014 to acquire them.

So, why not take a beekeeping workshop to get you started off on the right foot? Prepare yourself with the Level One Beekeeping course is a 16 hour intensive program will offer everything you need to know to begin beekeeping. The course is taught by Eliese Watson, founder of A.B.C. Travelling all-over North America teaching and mentoring under beekeepers such as Corwin Bell, Sam Comfort, and Kirk Anderson, Eliese has a wide knowldge of natural beekeeping practices with both TBH and langstroth equipment.  Course includes lunch, snacks, textbook and resources.

Seats fill up fast, so if you are interested in taking the course, register ASAP at www.backyardbees.ca/courses

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