GROW Calgary and A.B.C Partnership 2014


At GROW Calgary, they believe all Calgarians should have access to fresh, local food.  Our volunteer farmers grow produce for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank & we develop programs that inspire people to make healthy food choices. On a 9-acre parcel of land just west of Canada Olympic Park, a group of dedicated volunteers turned the soil and harvested the first crop on Canada’s largest urban agricultural farm. Our goal is to grow fresh produce for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank to ensure all Calgarians have access to healthy, local food. Thanks to the generous spirit of our community we’ve reached our first milestone, but there’s still more to grow.

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This 2014 season, A.B.C is proud to announce the introduction of a permanent beekeeping education yard at the GROW Calgary site. We will be offering many programs there this season including our monthly field days. In the spirit of sharing, we will be also donating 100% of the honey produced on the site to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank!

Stay posted on our partnership by joining GROW Calgary on social media: @growcalgary and



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