Community Hive Collaboartive Purchase 2014- MUST READ

Another year, another bee season, and another Collaborative Purchase! So, this year, we are changing things around this year, so here is whats happening:

– We are bringing in 176 colonies of honeybees to Alberta for the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase.

– We ARE NOT running the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase of EQUIPMENT, but we are offering a unique program. Info below.

The Online Exam and Application Process is online now. You can take the exam twice anytime between February 1-28th, 2014. If you have not taken an beekeeping course before or during this time, but are planning on taking one after the close date, please share that information on the Application. You still must take the exam. All questions are sourced from the Beekeeping in Western Canada textbook that comes with the A.B.C Level One Beekeeping Course. If you would like to receive your textbook before you take your course, please contact us at

– The distribution date of the honeybees is May 25th, 2014 in Calgary AB and May 26th, 2014 in Red Deer area. Info on the location will be shared with those receiving bees

Equipment Program

This year we are organizing an open source program for finding hand crafted products for your beehive as well as methods of connecting with other beekeepers to organize collaborative shipping to save on costs.

– A.B.C webpage ( shares information for those who are building equipment and offering beekeeping services. If you would like to use these services, their information is on the page. If you would like to offer your services, you may fill out this form and your information will be added to the page within 10-14 days.

– To organize collaborative shipping with other local beekeepers in your area, you will need to become a member of and join the Equipment group. There you can also connect with beekeepers for building, crafting and designing new equipment.

– A delivery-pick-up date is set for April 28th, 2014 at the Green Calgary offices from 12-3 for craftsman transactions/distribution.


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