2014 Mentorship Program

This year A.B.C will be launching an exciting new 1-on1 Mentorship Program. The program is geared towards students who want to expand their knowledge beyond the Level One Beekeeping Certificate. Participants will manage their own hives in their backyard and receive support and help with monthly hive support and inspection with Eliese Watson as well as weekly advice and updates in beekeeping.

A.B.C would like to welcome our 2014 interns:

  • Tom and Jennifer Foss
  • David and Vallerie Vallance
  • Wade Sirois and Family
  • Lucy Paget and Family
  • Jared Palmer and Lanny Leavitt
  • Kristine Robatzek-Gieck and Family
  • Nicole Bacsalmasi and Family
  • Ron Ayotte and Family
  • Darlene Kozub

We’re thrilled to have you on board and are looking forward to a fun summer of beekeeping!

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