CHCP 2014 of Honeybees- Update!

This winter was a tough one for our friend and bee supplier, Bill Stagg, over at Sweetacre Apiaries. He experienced high losses due to a tricky fall and long winter. Ever the optimist, he’ll be giving his colonies lots of love and attention over the next two months to make sure they’re nice and strong for the upcoming season and, for a few of them, their move to Calgary! This year’s Bee Distribution will occur at two locations, thanks to an growing contingent of enthusiastic beekeepers in the Red Deer and Edmonton area.


On May 24th, Red Deer and Edmonton area beekeepers will be receiving their bees at a volunteers yard just outside of the City. If you want to get your bees at this location near Red Deer, be sure to contact Judi if you haven’t already. Details on the location will be send in the next few weeks. Judi had her baby last week and we are so happy to now call Little Baby Boy Parrott our youngest beekeeper of 2014! So, please be patient. You have not been forgotten if replies are slow, the bees are coming and you are going to get them if you paid for them!

On May 25th, Calgary and area beekeepers will be able to pick up their bees at Grow Calgary, just west of Canada Olympic Park. Grow Calgary is a volunteer-driven organization created to grow fresh produce for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank to ensure all Calgarians have access to healthy, local food.

For all those receiving nucs this year, stay tuned for more details!


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