A.B.C Casts Beekeeping Swarms- New beekeeping groups near you!

If you are living in Alberta and wanted to get involved in A.B.C programs, BUT dont live in the Calgary area, fret no longer, we are SWARMING!

A.B.C is proud to be offering all of our tools for Community Development through beekeeping to leaders in a community near you. Here are some links that will help you connect with beekeepers in your area, go to gatherings, and participate in Swarm Catching, Field Days, or other fun local projects.

Okotoks and South Calgary: Honeybees in the Hills Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/honeybeesinthehills/

This group is eager to offer connections online and share information between beekeepers in the area.

Red Deer and Area: Red Deer Bee Keepers, https://www.facebook.com/groups/reddeerbees/

A new group of beekeepers that are planning a Swarm Catchers Group for the area as well as working with A.B.C to offer workshops and gatherings throughout the summer.

Edmonton and Area: The Wannabees @yegbees Group. https://www.facebook.com/yegbees
This is a group of multiple stakeholders in Edmonton whom have been given permission to run a beekeeping pilot from City Council. A.B.C is proud to be a consultant for the Pilot and City, and we are excited to offer field day projects and programming throughout the summer of 2014. Keep posted through twitter and soon through a website and email for events and pilot details.

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