SwizzleSticks SalonSpa Sponsors A.B.C 2014 Field Days!


Why SwizzleSticks is the perfect partner for A.B.C?

  •      Did you know that SwizzleSticks SalonSpa is a net zero emissions facility? All thanks to our long time partnership with Bullfrog Energy. As the recipients of the prestigious Aveda Global Stewardship Award we remain strongly committed to and guided by our environmental and humanitarian missions.
  •      Our recent partnership with Green Circle Salons represents an opportunity for our Guests to participate in a real and proactive way with SwizzleSticks long time environmental mission.  In the first 6 months of our partnership with Green circle, SwizzleSticks has help divert over 2400 pounds of recyclables from the landfills and water streams.  For a full list of all of the waste that is being redirected through Green Circle Salons please visit www.greencirclesalons.ca
  •      Every choice we make, from what we buy to what we consume, affects the earth and all of its inhabitants. For over 20 years SwizzleSticks SalonSpa has embraced its environmental mission to care for the earth and each other. From the way we do business to the information we bring to our guests. Since 2006 we have been uniquely honored to be a founding member of R.E.A.P., a Calgary based non-profit organization that stewards sustainable living, and better social and environmental options. To learn more visit www.reapcalgary.com for honest green options, research and information.
  • Did you know that SwizzleSticks supports close to 100 different charities and grassroots community organizations with donations of over $100,000 a year? We are proud of our environmental and humanitarian missions. Thank you for continuing to hold we really do appreciate it! We should be with you momentarily.

What is our partnership going to offer you and other Calgarians?

From May-August, A.B.C offers a Monthly Field Day which are currently free or pay what you can potluck honey bee hive inspections available for the public. On the selected Sunday (schedule below) we offer opportunities for those interested in beekeeping to explore the experience of beekeeping and also for those new to keeping their own bees, opportunities to ask questions and receive support. We offer free and open opportunities for attendees of the event to get their fingers sticky and have some fun. This year we aim to have over 400 new beekeepers experience honey bees with A.B.C. The 2014 schedule for Field Days are May 3, June 8, July 13, and August 24th: Register here!

This 2014, we are offering 7 private Home2Hive Tours which offer access to Fallentimber Meadery Honey Wine tastings, a picnic dinner, and up to 5 honeybee hive inspections.

Because of this partnership, SwizzleStick SalonSpa has funded the purchase of protective equipment for up to  20 beekeepers in addition to our 10 suits! So now everyone can come and be comfortable while learning about honeybees!

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