Bill Stagg- Queen Rearing in 4 Hives or Less 2014

ABC is excited to announce a Queen Rearing Workshop in Edmonton/ Calgary this summer. The workshop is going to be presented be Bill Stagg of Sweetacre Apiaries. It has been over a decade since Bill completed the BeeMasters Short Course at SFU. Bill spent 4 years  working with different commercial operations in the Okanagan getting a taste of tree fruit and berry pollination as well as working with some of BC’s best bee breeders selling stock around Western Canada. Bills biggest love is stock production and this has been the main focus at Sweetacre Apiaries. Bill has shipped queens around BC, AB, Ont, and even as far as Rhode Island. Also Bill has sold about 750 4 frame nucs and demand for his bees always seems to outstrip supply. For 7 years Bill also worked as a provincial bee inspector monitoring varroa mite levels, chasing AFB, and doing presentations at bee clubs and field days from Prince George, to Kamloops to Kelowna.

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A few months ago Bill did a presentation at a BCHPA meeting called Simplified Queen Rearing. Bill has noticed over the years that many people want to raise their own queens but are often a bit intimidated by the work involved, and the equipment needed. His presentation was very well received by those in attendance so after a conversation with Eliese Watson, it was decided to turn the presentation into a workshop. Bills biggest goal through this workshop is to empower and educate small beekeepers and give them the knowledge and competence to go home and raise their own queens! All the students will spend time in a class setting and in an apiary, also taking home a manual that can be referred to in the future.


-Why raise your own?

-Queen Anatomy, Bee Sex

-Quick overview of popular methods.

-How and why colonies re-queen in nature.



-Demaree Method of Swarm Control.

-Reading the weather not the calendar.
-Trait Selection

-Equipment needed.


-Spend time in the apiary performing the necessary work.

-Observe a colony a week into the process.

-Handling, banking, and shipping queens.


-Re-queening colonies.

-Running 2 queen colonies.

-Supplanting winter loss.

-Urban opportunity, urban responsibility.

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