Little Critters Save the Day…. Worms that is: Vermicompst is the future!


All this press about the harmful implications from the use of Pesticides and other chemicals on our pollinator friends such as the honey bee, there is one company that is steering the other direction.  Living Soil Solutions is a small business in Calgary that is helping educate the use of traditional methods using modern techniques to feed our soil and in turn feed our plants.

All of their products are completely natural and Living Soil Solutions strives on showcasing their services as non-toxic and safe for children and pets.

By making the plants healthier and more nutrient dense by working with mother nature instead of against her it actually makes their service “Bee Beneficial”  Educating their clients on how they can take dirt which is dead and make it Living as Soil and to keep that life in the soil happy and fed.  A long term solution that makes a sustainable back yard and an environment we can enjoy safely and with no negative impacts.  Check out Living Soil Solutions website for more information on how you can help your soil too.

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