Bees4Communities Profile: Ox and Angela and UNA Pizza + Wine

Two popular Calgary restaurants have returned for their 2nd year with the Bees4Communities program. Both the Ox and Angela and UNA Pizza + Wine hives survived this past winter and have taken full advantage of the Dandelion nectar flow. In just over a week, A.B.C will be delivering a third hive to the OX and UNA river valley apiary. With two strong hives and a third on its way, OX and UNA are likely to have a great honey harvest this year.

So what’s the plan for all that liquid gold?

UNA Pizza + Wine will be using their honey to drizzle some local sweetness on top of their famed 4-Maggi Pizza. Cheese, truffle oil and honey, what could be better?! UNA recently demo’d their 4-maggi pizza at the Day of the Honeybee Farmer’s Market at Hillhurst Sunnyside. Needless to say, market-goers were thrilled!

The chefs over at Ox and Angela also have a few tasty plans for their 2014 harvest. Liquid honey will be used in a few of their cocktails and featured in owner Jayme Mcfayden’s favorite, The Basil and the Bee. Comb honey from their hives will be served alongside their Queso Platter, featuring a selection of fabulous Spanish cheeses from Calgary’s Peasant Cheese. We’re crossing our fingers for a spring harvest, so keep an eye on Ox and UNA’s websites to find out when you can get a taste of their fantastic local honey.

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