Crowdfunding for Community Hive

We’re needing your help to keep it going!

There is only one month left in A.B.C’s fundraising campaign for the Community Hive, the socially responsible arm of the Apiaries and Bees for Communities business that does not garner a profit. Created to connect those interested in beekeeping, it has since grown exponentially and A.B.C now operates the bulk of its community and urban beekeeping support and public awareness initiatives under this umbrella including;

  • Collaborative Honeybee Purchase
  • Swarm Catchers Group
  • Online Forum
  • Field Days
  • Community Events
  • Yellow Tie Affair (Fall Fundraiser for GrowCalgary and Woman’s Shelter).

These Community Hive programs are our pride and joy and truly represent the ‘Hive Mentality’. We have an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers at the heart of this group, however the time and costs associated with some of the larger events limits our reach. If you enjoy what we do and you appreciate the need for businesses to incorporate social and environmental investment into their activities, please help us spread the word about our campaign! More details can be found at:

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