Date Night Bicycle Bee Tours

A.B.C’s Home2Hive bike tours are back!

Join us for a guided tour along Calgary’s beautiful river pathways and discover A.B.C’s unique urban apiaries. Observe honeybee behavior from a distance with a glass of mead or put on a veil and take part in a hive inspection. A perfect way to enjoy Calgary’s long summer evenings!
The tours will begin with a leisurely bike ride to one of our most idyllic beeyards along the Bow River. Upon arrival, you will be treated to a delicious picnic snack while Eliese introduces you to the world of honeybees. During the talk, Fallen Timbre Meadery, this year’s sponsor of the Home2Hive tours, will provide some of their best meads for tasting.
After the refreshments, it’s time to put on a suit become a beekeeper for the evening. Guests can expect to learn about honeybee social structure, see the varying stages of a honeybee’s lifecycle and sample some honey fresh from the hive.
The tour is perfect for date nights, families or even work socials! A.B.C will be offering everything necessary to beekeep and groups will be limited to 10 guests to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully.
For dates and registration visit:

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