Indiegogo Campaign- We raised $770, 25% of our goal!

As the campaign concludes for our Community Hive Fundraiser, we would like to thank all of you for supporting, sharing and aiding in our fundraising to keep the Community Hive up and running. The money raised will pay for the highlighted goals of our fundraising.

Our 2014 Budget

Community Hive Bee Meeting Venue    $150

Swarm Catchers Meeting Venue     $150

Lilac Festival  Booth $300

Day of the Honeybee Event  $170 of $250



Discussion Board@ $53.50/mo    $642 (A.B.C pays monthly)

Home and Garden Show Info Booth  $800 (A.B.C paid for it)

Yellow Tie Affair $500 (Now Cancelled)

Community Hive Website/ Swarm Form  $275 (A.B.C paid for it)

TOTAL  $2217.00

The Impact

Because we only made 25% of our goal, we may have to close down the COMMUNITY HIVE DISCUSSION BOARD. A.B.C is struggling to pay for all of the FREE educational programs that we offer. We are hoping that we can keep the page afloat until swarm season is complete, but unless we are able to raise the funds, we may have to shut it down.

Please contact us directly if you are able to help us out. We are a Social-Entrepreneurial Business in Canada, with the same values as B-Corp businesses in the US. We are trying to innovate the beekeeping industry, inspire repossible social partnerships in business, and build dividends that reflect a better life for everyone, including the bees. If you are interested in funding any of these programs that are likely to be closed down this fall without your support, please email us at info@backyardbees . ca



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