Bees4Communities Profile: Calgary Food Tours and PEL Recycling

This year, the Bees4Communities program has two new bee yards in the inner-city neighbourhood of Inglewood, an ideal location for beekeeping! The Bow and Elbow river valleys and numerous parks and natural areas offer a smorgasbord of nectar and pollen, not to mention all of the beautiful backyard gardens. The nearby river pathway also allows A.B.C to mange these hives primarily by bicycle and offer fun summer Home2Hive bike tours, supported by the Bees4Communities program, to share urban beekeeping with the public .

   2_rouge     20140623_133229

The Calgary Food Tours hives are located in the picturesque kitchen garden at Rouge Restaurant. CFT owner, Karen Anderson, has included Rouge on the company’s tours of Inglewood for many years and has some tasty plans for this year’s Inglewood Tour:

“…in addition to the already sumptuous treats and wine my guests enjoy at Rouge – I’ll be treating my guests to honey tastings and garden tour when they visit this important historic property. Karen will also share the honey from their two hives with Executive Chef Jamie Harling at Rouge restaurant and he will feature it in a variety of ways on their truly local and seasonal menus. Calgary Food Tours has a very sweet friendship with Rouge because after all you get more friends with honey!”


PEL Recycling’s hives are located on a rooftop near the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers. This is their first year with the Bees4Communities and it has been great having them on board to help out with events like Sustainability For Breakfast, hosted by A.B.C in April. Both hives have been doing well and A.B.C expects a harvest in early September. PEL will be giving a portion of this lovely wildflower honey as thank you gifts for their fabulous, hard-working employees. Always community minded, PEL is planning to donate the remainder of their honey to a local charity. I imagine that tasty treat will be much appreciated!

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