Community Hive Collaborative Purchase Honey Bees 2015


Christmas is just around the corner and though fall isn’t far behind us, it’s already time to start thinking ahead to the 2015 beekeeping season. Every year, since 2010, Apiaries and Bees for Communities has organized the Community Hive Collaborative Purchase. This program was created to support new beekeepers in their new pursuit of beekeeping; aiding them in sourcing honey bees and appropriate equipment. The program runs free of charge and is focused on the principals of Building the Hive Mentality within our community by ensuring that the participants in the program are educated and supported. We do this by:

  • Ensuring that all beekeepers who wish to receive bees through the program obtain over 80% on an online examination.
  • Fill out an application for bees, which is reviewed by a volunteer team of beekeepers, ensuring that the hive placement is responsible to neighbors and family members
  • Offer a field day orientation for all participants sharing how to place and install the honey bees in to their beehives, both Top Bar and Langstroth hives
  • Pairing beekeepers whom don’t pass the online exam or application with beekeepers that live in their area to increase learning opportunities and aid in skill development

In January, we will be kicking off the 2015 season of the collaborative honeybee purchase with a Community Hive General Meeting and a Volunteer Meeting for those wishing to help with the Collaborative Purchase. The schedule for participation is as follows:

  • Collaborative Purchase Volunteer Meeting: January 7th (Wed) or January 10th (Sat) TBD
  • Community Hive General Meeting: January 21st (Wed) or January 24th (Sat) TBD
    • How to purchase bees through the CHCP?
    • Equipment listing, sourcing, and teaming up for micro-groups of group purchasing
    • Swarm catching 2014 Outlines and scheming
  • Online Exam and Application Submissions: February 1-28th
  • Response from Volunteer Coordinator of Honey Bee Purchase: Second week of March
  • Payment Due: March 27th, 2015
  • Honey Bee Delivery: Last weekend in May


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