A.B.C In the Elementary Classroom 2015


This year we will be celebrating our 4th year of school presentations on honey bees and native bees!

Our most excellent School Outreach Coordinator Sara Haney is ready for yet another awesome season of bee-education. Partnering up with schools and teachers, Sara and A.B.C are excited to expand the growing minds of our youth and answer the eager questions these little bees have about the even littler bees!

In our typical presentation we discuss honeybee anatomy, what products they make, what jobs they have in the hive, and how we can help save the bees.  We bring displays of mounted bees, beekeeping equipment, models, and honey for the children to sample (at the teachers discretion).

Our presentations are 1 hour in length and are $160+GST for up to 50 students.  We are happy to alter our presentation for the shorter time span if needed.

Please click the following link to fill out our booking form so that we can best assess your needs for the presentation and choose a date: ABC Presentation Booking Form

Or, for inquiries, please contact us at classroom@backyardbees.ca

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