A.B.C Wins LUSH Grant


We here are proud to announce our winning the 2014 LUSH Charitable Giving Grant. As our programming offers socially responsible programming for beekeepers and wanna-beekeepers, LUSH was excited to help us increase the capacity and quality of educational experiences offered by A.B.C. Here is a list of the goals that the grant will help us in achieving:


  • Offer crowd sourced data collection from the Inspection Report Phone Application to expand understanding of honey bee management trends and honey bee health surveillance amongst users, mostly hobbyists.
  • Bridge gaps between beekeepers within communities, regions and Provinces, allowing beekeepers across the country to communicate easily and share experiences and recommendations.
  • Publish tools to aid in the development or maintenance of club/group growth as well as share A.B.C. business modelling, structures, and format to allow for: legalization of beekeeping in the municipality, entrepreneurship, and or social program development.
  • Increase curriculum access to A.B.C programming 365 days a year from any location in Canada through the discussion board.
  • Offer online educational tools to Canadians interested in pursuing beekeeping


Development and upgrades to our Community Hive Discussion Board (http://chat.thecommunityhive.org). The problems that we are facing is:

  • Groups in communities outside of Calgary are struggling to stay communicative and organized
  • Sharing information between beekeepers at a distance is not efficient nor encouraging regional mentorship opportunities
  • Inefficient use of Swarm Catching potentials in communities. Lots of calls and emails, but poor organization with current CMS to ensure the bees are taken home safely by a beekeeper in the area
  • Poor data sharing on inspections and comparative data analysis between beekeepers using the site

Our new site will allow for a phone app for beekeepers to enter inspection content, reflect on their catalog of data, as well as compare their data with statistical data taken from other users in the area allowing for real time activity and projections over time. The new platform will allow for public access to Swarm Complaints/Alerts free service from public, municipalities and bylaw officers and direct communication with our users directly in a 30km area. Also, the platform will allow for smaller groups to form and organize (group meetings, event sharing, topical discussions) to ensure continued learning.


A.B.C hopes to reach their Target Group as the leading and only accessible and supportive beekeeping resource in Canada. The Project aims to offer:

  • Easy access to useful and appropriate educational tools to gain the commendable skill of beekeeping responsibly in urban areas.
  • Offer an easy and useful phone application to guide new beekeepers through their hive inspections; with appropriate prompts and reminders of hive health and comparative data analysis to help the beekeeper see how their hive is doing compared to other beekeepers in their area.
  • Expand the capacity of the discussion board online so users can access swarm alerts in their area, ask questions reflecting Canadian climate and health issues and beekeeping regulations, as well as connect with Canadian hobby beekeepers for advice and idea sharing.

So, get excited for 2016! We are going to be busy this year working away to build something beautiful, useful, helpful, and innovative! If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us about it. We are in R&D stages right now looking for the right companies and people to work with us to make this vision a possibility!

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