Register Your Beehive with Alberta


Hey there beekeepers. I have been connecting with quite a few beekeepers here this past month that have not registered their hives with the Province. Be sure to register every year before June, I cannot impress enough to you to register your hives! Registration is free and if you have registered your bees, you will be receiving questionnaires in the mail this Spring. Not only are you required to register by law, but you also may be aiding us in tipping the scales in beekeeping statistics here in the Province, which in the end, may end up with us getting some changes in the budgeting and programming made available to hobbyists here in Alberta.

If you have not registered and would like to, please contact For more information about registering, please check out Alberta’s Bee Act.

The more information that the Province has on the changing tide of beekeeping in Alberta that is taking place, the greater chance we have to really shake up the industry and offer new insights for commercial beekeepers to diversify their scope!

Become a member of the Alberta Beekeepers Commission! Here is why:

Producers with less thank 100 live colonies:

– May Participate as a voting member with full benefits and privileges with a paid membership of $125/year at the annual AGM’s held in Edmonton every November

– May participate as a non-voting member which entitles you to the monthly magazine “Alberta Bee News” (really good btw) for $50/year

– Voting and non-voting members are eligible for 5 Million Dollar Liability Insurance (Wawanesa) at great rates! 1-50 hives is $18.00/year, 50-200 hives is $35.00/year.


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