“Little Books on Bees: Gardening”: Book One of a Series


We are proud to announce our coming release of our first book Little Books on Bees: Gardening. Stacey Cedergren (writer) and Ricole Fedyna (illustrator) have been working hard to make this book a reality. What to expect from this little book you ask? Well, it will have great info on:

  • Pollination and how bees and plants work together
  • Lifecycle and behaviour of social and solitary bees
  • ID page 7 different types of bees found commonly in your garden
  • Elements of an ideal habitat for bees
  • How to assess your space for native bees
  • Nesting and overwintering sites for native bees
  • Planning Your Garden Advice
    • Top 10 plants for bees
    • Planting:
      • Lawns
      • Shrubs and trees
      • Slightly shaded gardens
      • Container gardens
      • School gardens

AND 4 pages of plant lists including name, when they flower, and their height!

This book will be available online at http://www.backyardbees.ca/nativebees/ourpublications after April 1, 2015

Purchase the book early at Calgary’s Seedy Saturday (March 21, 2015)

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