Calgary’s Artisan Product ROUTINE Loves Bees!

What do bees and deodorant have in common?!

Probably not a lot until recently, when our small local company routine. de-odor-cream, decided to make a second formula incorporating beeswax as the star ingredient. Beeswax is an amazing ingredient! Along with being a natural stabilizer, it is naturally antibacterial and smells beautiful.

As we make natural products that are truly effective thanks to the gifts nature offers, we thought we should somehow give back to nature. Giving 1% of the sales of our beeswax formula and physical volunteer time to Backyard Bees is a natural fit. Bee’s are absolutely essential to our product. Bees = botanic bounty = routine!

We are super keen to connect with a local sister company and come spring, have our children and nieces and nephews come out, volunteer and experience the amazing and essential and world of beekeeping! For more information on what we do, please visit

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